The proposed gallery is transparent and reflective to create a visually complex environment for the visitors. When viewing the architectural exhibition, the rooms feel simultaneously connected and detached from the CBD. Current architecture has a subtle presence in the gallery, whilst the work on display represents the past. A mixing of the two can occur, encouraging different interpretations of the work. This notion of different interpretations is reflected in the building itself by the unexpected ways in which the city can be framed and projected onto the walls of the gallery.

Inspired by Utzon’s methodological approach, the form and structure of the gallery work together to function as one. A series of glass blades run parallel to one another. The blades are self-supporting, with strips of glass embedded between larger planes of glass. Wall, floor and roof panels, connected with white steel frames, stiffen the structure. The blades essentially catch the light and create a density, visible from afar. The gallery appears as floating amongst the trees and buildings, and allows for public and private spaces to occur.

After grasshopper investigations into 2D lines, an irregular pyramid shape proved to have the most potential when overlapping and forming densities. Each blade varies in height and width to create the specific shape of the building. The height and orientation maximizes views towards the Art Gallery of NSW and the Domain to gain a better connection. The natural curve created by Hospital Road is also incorporated into the shape of the building.

As a person follows the path, parts of the gallery are slowly revealed and the public can peer through the side glass panels and catch glimpses of the interior. These openings align with the trees opposite so that the outer areas of the park do not receive this revealing quality. A significant part of the city for me is where the path from the AGNSW, the State Library and Hyde Park meet in the Domain. From this point, I could document how the gallery could be seen and become a part of this significant spot.