Blues Point Reserve is quite hidden, situated at the water’s edge and nestled within a heavily residential area. Upon visiting the site, we were inspired by ideas to create a building that glorified the panoramic views of Sydney Harbour in this unique spot. Furthermore, due to the nature of the building as a ‘House of Celebration,’ we thought of methods to organise the space in a memorable way. The plan of the building is a series of three interlocking rooms that extend towards the water in a diagonal formation. The windows are placed on the corners to create an illusion of a larger space, whilst drawing attention to the exquisite view. Subsequently, we gesture towards an extremely open and alluring space, thus allowing for an atmospheric aesthetic to emerge.

Physically this is achieved by other elements such as the bi-fold doors and large openings towards the south which serve two purposes. Firstly, it lets plenty of natural sunlight into the building, which makes for a light and open feel to the function room. Secondly, it captures the harbour views drawing people towards the deck and making the function room a particularly pleasant space to experience. Also, this design attempts to give back to its community and the environment. The design attempts to make as minimal negative impact upon its surroundings as possible. Resulting in only a small amount of space being removed from public use - leaving much of the grassy reserve and the small beach and sandstones steps open as public domain.

The building’s capability to be sustainable in terms of heating and cooling due to its thermal mass (brick and concrete) as well as ventilation systems, allows for a relatively small impact upon the immediate environment of Blues Point.

Group Members:
Annika Van Leeuwen
Natalie Murray
Myrrhine Fabricius